USEDA Scholarship Fund

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United States Equestrian Drill Association

PO BOX 1333

Van TX, 75790

The United States Equestrian Drill Association established a scholarship fund in 2007.  Each year the

USEDA will take applications from graduating seniors who are planning to go forward to college / vocational school. 

The total scholarship will be paid in two installments (1 for fall semester and 1 for spring semester). 

The total amount awarded to each winner may vary and is up to the discretion of the USEDA. 

Installments will be issued to the winner upon verification of enrollment and a copy of the receipt for tuition / fees.

The USEDA requires that the winner maintain a passing GPA for the first semester to ensure the winner's

commitment to furthering their education. 

All applications must be postmarked by April 21st in order to be accepted for consideration.  A final decision

and selection will be made no later than May 5th..

The USEDA will review all applications and the following will be considered when making the final decision:

1.  Applicants must be an active and contributing member of their Drill Team for the past 12 months and provide

a video of applicant performing during the preceeding 12 months.

2.  Applicants must have been an active and contributing member for a minimum of one full year prior to the

application deadline date.

3.  Applicant’s team must be a paid member in good standing with the USEDA the prior twelve (12) months.


4.  Applicants must have maintained at least a passing GPA throughout the year and upon graduation.

5.  Applicants must submit an essay to the USEDA along with the application by the deadline date. 

The essay must discuss their future plans.

6.  Applicants must show proof of enrollment into college / vocational school.

7.Applicants must have at least 3 reference letters turned in with the application by the deadline.

United States Equestrian Drill Association


Date:__________________________ By April 21st.

Name:______________________________    Age:______  Male/Female


Phone Numbers:_______________________________________________

Member Since:_______ Member Team:_____________________________

Drill Activities and events that you have participated in:____________________________________________________________________

References please attach letters):

1._________________________________ Drill Coach



***In addition to this application and reference letters, please attach an essay of 500 or more words describing your future

plans, the college or vocational school you are planning to attend, your possible major, and how drill team and/ or equestrian sports have influenced your life.

This essay may be published as public information and/or used for promotion of the USEDA scholarship program.

Use priority mail with tracking to:


PO BOX 1333

Van, TX 75790